Erotictransformation - Dr Mesmer's House of Robo-hookers
Dr. Mesmer has been dismissed by the bitchy, feminist dean of Wazzamatta University after being accused of harassment by a member of the I Eta Pi sorority.

He enlists the aid of Johnny Gepetto in hopes of avenging himself.That aid takes the form of a spray bottle filled with a nanobotic solution. The good doctor uses it to turn both his nemeses into automatons. He trains them to become pleasure units.They become his robo-hookers, and he, their nano-pimp.They hone their oral skills on each other and on their pimp daddy. They perfect their love making techniques in anticipation of catering to a rich clientele.Mesmer gets his revenge and a lucrative, new career all in one fell swoop.Fan favorites India Summer and Sunset Diamond appear together for the first time in what is destined to become a classic.

Running Time: 48 minutes including outtakes and interview

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