EroticTransformation – I, Lavarella

Scarlet Juggernaut, still under Dr. Steele’s control, sends fellow J.I.S.M. Girl, Lavarella, into a trap. The firey superheroine arrives at the lair of the Gaucho de Caucho (that’s Rubber Cowboy for our friends that don’t speak spanish) thinking she will have an easy time with the easily melted villain. Instead, she finds herself face to face with the icy Dr. Kelvin… and ice is Lavarella’s only weakness.

He blasts her with an ice ray, freezing her body and her brain, then he conditions her to obediently fulfill his every sick sexual desire. First he feels up and sucks on her perfectly firm and round “mounds of magma,” then he goes down on her lava hot pussy. He commands her to suck on his schwantz-icle, which gets him ice hard. Then he sticks it in both of her molten fire holes. Naudia Marie and her perfect all-natural breasts star!

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