Erotictransformation – Steve Steel – I Was a Teenaged Animatron

Johnny Gepetto designs uncannily, realistic animatronic characters for the Tiny Planet ride at Steve’s Happy Land amusement park. That’s because he hires real, live models like 18 year old Mia to pose as prototypes.

Modeling is hard work, so Johnny offers Mia a refreshment, a “nano” (as in nanobots) smoothie.

Johnny dolls Mia up for the ride, but first he feels her up. That a boy, Johnny!

When Steve arrives, he’s very happy with the way the new aminatron has turned out. He especially likes the special features Johnny programmed into her: sucking and fucking.

The adorable Mia Lina makes the perfect animatron.

Running Time: 34 minutes including outtakes, interview and behind the scenes footage. Shot in HDV!

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  • Hi Fetishman!
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    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      Hey mate
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        • Fetishman 2 years ago

          Hello mate
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    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Yes bro, It’s gonna be uploaded within in the weeks to come