Fetish Cuties - From Sister To Sexbot

Late night. Kira is sleeping in her bed. Someone is entering her dark room with strange devices in his hands. This is her brother who knows that she is pretty popular at school and heard lots of horny stories about her. That’s why he decided to find the way to try her in blow job which he likes most. He bought special devices that code the mind. He sets the contacts on her temples, turns on the device and starts to reprogram her. In the morning everything seems pretty usual. The parents are out, sister is walking sleepy, so this is the perfect chance to check if she is really good in teasing and giving blow jobs as other guys say…

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  • I think you meant to place this under the Hypno Incest category, not Hypnolust… as this isn’t a Hypnolust video

  • Beast 4 years ago

    This producer is simply amazing.
    Both the video quality, the acting, and the sex scene, not to mention the theme is top notch quality. Please, do add more from Fetish Cuties in the future.