Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Five)

Final surrender

Crawling, foot worship, yes master, begging, rolling eyes during entrancement as well as orgasms, breath controlled orgasm training, hand over mouth and nose domination, sleepy orgasms, pussy-eating while in the 69 position and orgasms that make them pass out. Needless to say, those are just a few highlight. JC started in the last segment to position Alexis’s limp body in a way that she can rock her against her own body until she orgasms all over her belly (you got to see this one) Alexis screams for lust and is orgasmed over and over. Now we get to see the girls sucking and kissing each other’s feet before offering them to me. As expected, they orgasm at the touch of my hands. Time to watch them crawl and then have them bend over the couch for some fucking.

I am sure you watched clip three and you remember what JC did to Alexis. Well, now it is Alexis’s turn to go behind her kneeling victim and m to masturbate her into oblivion. JC cums hard and she goes down hard. In fact she lands in a bit of an uncomfortable position and Lana pulled her legs out from underneath her body. Of course JC did not notice any of this which show that our girl was in deep lala land. Anyway there is more like the part where Alexis masturbates herself so hard that she once she reaches climax. Needless to say, there is a lot more to come. Did I mention the tongue lashing while in the 69 position which makes both of them cum so hard that they pass out. Breath controlled orgasms, sleepy orgasms an so much more are still to come.

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