Hypnolust – Rachel Rose (Clip Five)

I am your empty shell master

Slaves crawl for their masters

Rachel, our entranced beauty, has been placed on her knees with her arms and hands stretched out in front of her for some more training and of course her final surrender. Her repetitions of, I am your empty shell master, are slow while her dim eyes stare into the laser light. Her mind is gone and now she is made to feel touched and orgasmed without having any choice in the matter. Of course that is all just warm up. Rachel drops on all four while I grab her hair and lead her through the room. She keeps repeating, Slaves crawl for their master. Of course there is more crawling while being made to feel fucked, breath controlled orgasm training which eventually takes it all out of her and she collapses, yet to come. Let’s not forget the limp play, posing and the sleepy orgasm and, and, and…

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