Hypnolust – Rachel Rose (Clip Nine)

I want to suck on you

Rachel, our lost jogger, wakes up and by the looks of it, she seems quite uneasy about her nakedness and the fact that she does not really remember how that could have happened. Poor thing is so confused that she even seems to have a hard time remembering how to get dressed quickly. Of course the unexplainable laughing attacks don make this any easier on her.

Looks like we need to give her a break and send her back to sleep so that I can take my time to remove those clothes she just struggled with to put on. Things change as soon as she wakes up and believe it o not, now she wants to “suck on me” Oh boy, I wonder what made her want to do that. Let’s watch her suck on the dildo before considering to actually let her have the real thing. Unfortunately though, it never gets to that. Suddenly she freezes up with the dildo in her mouth and that is also the moment when she realizes what she just did. Ups, it is kind of hard to express yourself with a big thing like that in your mouth. Poor thing struggles all the way until I put her back to sleep for more limp body manipulation and….

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