Hypnolust – Rachel Rose (Clip Seven)

I don’t know what I was thinking

Lot’s going on in this one. Our young jogger wakes up not remembering what has happened so far and the fun continues. First we get to watch her masturbate without any hesitation and or morals, as if it was n=the most natural thing to do. Poor thing has no idea that she will not be able to finish herself off as she finds herself frozen and immobile right before it happens. Now she also seems to become clear about her behavior which makes this quite embarrassing. Problem is though, that she really would like to finish herself off, despite the embarrassment it may cause.

Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her by moving the hand between her legs but that makes it even more worse (for her) Looks like we need to use the “waving hand” trick to send her back into you all know what. I decide to let her wake up knowing that I am her master and that all she wants now is to get fucked by me. Please, please, please. There is a lot more to cum, from more freezes, slow sleep and even more slow limp body and neck manipulation. Eye checks and, and…

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