Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Clip Eight)

I am sure Facebook did not tell you about that either

Weak females need to be trained, frozen, put to sleep, messed with while out, orgasmed while immobilized, driven to orgasm again in their sleep and so much more.

You will now be trained to be your masters love slave

Looks like our thief is not done being trained and tamed. Now we train her to seductively remove her boots and to show off her feet in those sexy black pantyhose while repeating, “thank you master for training me to be your foot slave.” Of course to make her training more effective, she has to endure having her feet whipped. The segment is certainly not all about feet, there are also the freeze scenes and or the scenes where she is aware of her situation yet unable to move.

Still, she denies any wrong doing which makes me decide to for-ce a vibrator between her frozen legs and to drive her to orgasm despite her futile attempts to fight it. There is a lot more limp play (including me taking off her pantyhose and inspecting her feet and….) eye checks, sleepy orgasms, lies, screaming and begging and so on, yet to come. The final scene where she is put to sleeep again by her own hair is also hot.

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