Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Clip Seven)

Don’t trust Facebook

Alice, who believes to be a burglar, has seen on my face book page that I am out for the night. I guess some people are dumb… enough to put that kind of information on their face book page. Oh well, in her case it seemed though that she has stumbled into a well laid trap. Poor thing has no clue what she is getting into. Needless to say, the flickering light on the night stand catches her attention or I should better say, her eyes and before she knows it, her mind is under my control. Let’s see what kind of fun we can have with our little thief. First she has to learn that she was born to be a love slave and that having her ass whipped for being a bad little girl, will be part of her life. Of course there is a lot more we need to teach her. Bad little girls like me need to be punished.

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