Hypnolust – Alice Lighthouse (Clip Six)

You are what I say you are

Alice’s beautiful body is just standing there in front of me and I take my time to pose and move my entranced beauty as I please. Time for her to learn that she is merely a toy in my collection and that I can play with her any which way I like. First we turn her into a sexy, play full little doll who loves to jiggle her tits, spread her ass cheeks dance, jump and pose while asking (over and over), “do you like this master?” Of course I like it but I also like to mess with my puppet and to pull her strings any which way I like it. Alice’s body responds perfectly when I start pulling those string until I finally let her limp body fall to the ground. Limp and helpless, she feels how her puppet legs are spread wide before she is made to feel penetrated and fucked hard.

Of course there is more kneeling masturbation and orgasm training yet to come. It all ends with some slow limp play, eye checks feet

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