Hypnolust – Carmen & Amanda (Clip Eleven)

I always wanted you Mistress

Entranced and used on her wedding day

Amanda, who believes that today is her wedding day, has no clue as to why Carmen, her future husbands very jealous EX- girl friend, who has given her grief in the past, wants to all of a sudden apologize for what she had done. Our sweet and unsuspecting young bride does not even know what hit her and by the time she realizes that she has been tricked to gaze into the mirror, it is already too late. Needless to say, Carmen takes advantage of her helpless little love slave and it is quite obvious that she is intensely turned on by the fact that her victim’s body is helplessly immobilized as her big open eyes stare into nothingness. Watching Carmen fondle, strip, lick and suck Amanda’s weak and helpless body is seriously Hot and sizzling. Both girls are frozen at the end and programmed.

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