Hypnolust – Carmen & Amanda (Clip Seven)

I love making her cum for you master

I think the girls had enough fun playing by themselves. Carmen seems triumphant and proud when I mention that she did a good job taking care of my reluctant wife. Of course her triumph does not last for too long. The swift move of my hand in front of her face renders her instantaneously mindless. Amanda is taken deeper as well and programmed to take care of Carmen in the same way she was used and played with. Needless to say, Amanda’s eyes roll back as soon as she hears my voice and she drifts into an even deeper trance. I did not think she had it in her but as soon as I program her to take revenge, the girl turns into a mean mistress. Now it is her turn to oil Carmen’s body and to take her close to orgasm. What can I say, I just could not resist to freeze both of them for a little bit more programming.

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