Hypnolust – Carmen & Amanda (Clip Five)

She made me cum for you master

You own me for as long as you want me to master

Our entranced yet very horny beauties cannot seem to get enough of each other. The kissing and fondling becomes more intense and all of a sudden Carmen takes control and goes down on Amanda. It does not take her long to get her new friend to cum on her face. Amanda’s body is quivering and shaking and I can feel that she wants to go down on Carmen. Watching the two please each other for me is very sensual and intense and hearing them scream, she made me cum for you master, makes it even hotter. Looks like it is time for the final take over.

The girls are placed on the couch and ordered to masturbate themselves into oblivion. Their repetitions (mantra) of, you own me for as long as you want master, become more and more intense. Show me you the better slave is. Very intense and definitely not for the weak. Eye checks and more…

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