Hypnolust – Carmen & Amanda (Clip Six)

Relax and be mine

With rolling eyes into the abyss

Amanda who believes to be my wife, is getting her first massage. Needless to say, she is a bit nervous and shy, after all, she has never met her new massage therapist. In fact, the only reason she agreed to the massage was because of her husband, who thought it would help her to relax. Of course at this point, she has no idea how relaxed and helpless she would end up, after all, how could she have known that her massage therapist would put her under as soon as she was laying down.

Carmen pulls out the watch and before you know it, her victim is helplessly entranced. Now it gets hot. Carmen, who turns out to be quite the mistress when given the chance, starts to fondle her quivering body, oil up her tits and play with her victim’s feet. She even brings her to orgasm by touching certain sensitive spots under her feet and then again by shoving a vibrator into her tight pussy. Yes mistress, I am Cuming for you. Watching Carmen play with her mindlessly staring and entranced toy is very sensual and hot.

There is a funny moment in this one as well, in which Lana’s little puppy tries to get comfortable on his chair way in the background. He is never more than 20 feet away from her and although not part of the segment, I decided to leave it in, instead of ruining the picture by trying to edit it out. Plenty of yes mistresses, Amanda’s legendary rolling eyes and…

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