In this clip Amber is made to believe that she is at a pool party and while she is taking a shower two women seduce her in a way she has never felt before. Amber told me after the session that she never imagined to be with a women and that it was something she was not interested in, until today that is.

It is very sensual to watch her taking off her dress and soaping up her lushes body. That is when I make her feel the touch of one of the women, approaching her from behind while the second one touches her breasts and eventually goes down on her. Amber’s body is squirming and shivering under her imaginary lovers’ hands and she certainly enjoys the tongue lashing. I can feel her growing excitement and start making her feel insecure about whether she should let these women have their way with her or not. She tries to resist being orgasmed by these two women but not for long.

The pleasures I let her feel are just too overwhelming and she surrenders. There is also a great wake up scene at the end of the clip. The way she comes back out of her trance shows nicely how deep she must have been when she was under.




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