Boss in foot slave training

Casey, who believes to be my boss, has called me into her office to, you won’t believes this, fire me over some sexual harassment allegations made by some female co-workers of mine. I mean, come on, making comments on young female co-workers feet can’t be that bad. Yes, I did go more into details about their feet but hey. The fact that I make some comments about my bosses sexy feet in those pantyhose does not seem to help my situation at all which makes me decide to teach her a lesson. Casey, who is a perfect subject drops like a rock as soon as I snap my fingers in front of her eyes and now she is a willing slave who loves showing off her feet, slowly remove her pantyhose and then… I wish I could describe the intensity of this one as Casey goes crazy for lust again. Spread wide open wet pussy, foot worship, posing, yes masters, intense screaming hard orgasms, limp body and feet play, rolling eyes

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