Hypnolust – Christy Mack (Clip 1)

Christy Mack, extremely sexual, perfectly rounded bombshell with long black hair is certainly a wild one and playing with her was just as exciting as playing with a wild Jaguar. Being wild and untamed, yet ready to explore how far she could be taken in order to find out about her deepest hidden sexual fantasies and then actually feel and experience them, made her the perfect candidate for my training.

This is pretty much how I described her the first time and believe me, nothing has changed, except maybe that Christy looks even more beautiful and radiant now and believe it or not, she was an even better subject the second time around. Her last session was almost a year ago and I could not wait to find out how much she (subconsciously) remembered. I don’t want to say too much here about her second session but I am sure you will love her even more after this one.

Christy who believes to be waiting for me, cannot seem to resist looking at the spiraling crystal and slowly but surely, she drops back into deep trance, just as I…. Well, you know what I mean. It gets hot and intense quickly.





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  • So cool, I wait for the part 2

  • Put part 2!

  • Mari Megrdichian 4 years ago

    Dearest Fetishman,

    I have Upload requests for you
    1. Adeline Eve Entrancment
    2. Ariel Anderson 2 Entrancement
    3. Addie Juniper Hypnolust
    4. Candle Box Hypno lust
    5. Natalia Forrest 2 Entrancment
    6. Isabel: Entrancment
    More hypnolust please
    7. All Charity Love shoots from Hypnolust
    Thank you <3

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      Dear mari i would be happy if i could upload all of them but i need their original links at this moment i am pretty sure we have this one “Natalia Forrest 2 Entrancment”