Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Eleven)

I am not that kind of model

Sleep Santa, sleep

Unfortunately our young model, being so very professional and all, is not willing to show a little breast for the pictures. Oh well, then we have to do without that, I guess. At least she is willing to give me some really sexy poses. Here is the deal, every time I snap my fingers; she is supposed to show me a different pose which seems easy enough. Unfortunately, whenever I snap my fingers, Gracie goes in the middle of her sexy posing. It is almost like she got hit by something.

The first time, she even tries to get back up but she drops again. Of course I try to wake her up by pulling her up, dropping her, exposing her breasts and pussy, turning her head and so on but it seems like she is just a sleepy rag doll at this point. Poor thing finally wakes up and realizes that her clothes must have slipped out of place, meaning her pussy and tits are exposed.

Of course the fun is not over yet. Touching her nose to wipe off the little smudge sends her right back to lala land and it is time for me to mess with her sleepy body yet again. At some point, I had to keep her asleep for a while so that I could change tapes. Confused and embarrassed, Gracie tries to regain her posture but as soon as she puts the Santa hat back on, our little girl falls forward flat on her face with her sexy ass up in the air (you got to see this one and no worries, her face ends up on the soft mattress). Really hot sleeping segment showing her go out as if struck by lightning and even some snoring…

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