Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip II)

Being a good girl makes you horny

“All I want to do is be a good girl for you master”

I started making the girls feel aroused towards the end of the induction already and it is now time to take them over the edge. To make your subject feel sexual pleasures, it often helps to first get them to let go of inhibitions and the fear of letting go of control. Slowly but surely, I get both of them to allow themselves to feel good. Ever noticed that most people do not allow themselves to just feel good. Think about it and you will know what I mean. Anyway, the girls are now fixated on my voice and I start to lead them into a sexual adventure completely unknown to them.

I can feel their growing arousal and the suggestion that being a good girl makes it feel even more intense, certainly seems to work. I keep rewarding them and the more I invoke the desire in them to be good for me, the more aroused they seem to feel. It does not take long and both of them feel whatever sexual feeling and pleasure I suggest, with an incredible intensity. At this point it is hard to tell who moans and groans louder or who’s body is quivering and shaking harder and the best thing about all this is that they seem to thrive on each others lust. Of course now that they are where I want them to be, my two horny girls not only have to wait but also have to beg for me to let them come. Naturally there is a lot of mantra repetition involved. “Please master help me to become a good girl for you”.

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