Helpless little Supergirl

Our horny Supergirl seems too weak to move and she does not have much of a choice when it comes to me playing with her weak, limp young body and feet. The fact that I place a thrusting vibrator right on her wet clit seems more than she can handle and she is brought to orgasm despite her bitching and of course her futile attempts to prevent it. Believe it or not, she still talk about her Supergirl strength and all.

Oh well, let’s take a closer look at her helplessly feet, take off her shoes and place the heel between her toes. Shall we drive her close to orgasm before putting her to sleep for some more limp body play and a sleepy orgasm? Of course we should do that. Things get really funny when she wakes up with a finger stuck in her mouth. Enjoy her futile attempts to get that dam finger out of there while telling us how much she is in control of her body.

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