It feels so good to let go of inhibitions

Jen Capone, hot Cuban girl with a body to dream of, had heard about my sessions from her playmates, Megan and Nikki. Who would ever be able to forget those two, right? On the first glance Jen seems quite, almost shy but once you look into her eyes and start talking to her you can see and feel the fire that’s burning deep down inside. The second I saw her, I just knew I had to put her under and unleash her wild side. The fact that Jen has the most beautiful natural D cup breast (wait until you see them jiggle and sway) and an ass to go nuts over, certainly made it even more fun to play with her. Did I mention her sweet and pleasing attitude or her soft and gentle demeanor? After having said all this it seems a bit strange that Jen believes to be more dominant than submissive, doesn’t it? Well, I guess there is only one way to find out. Let’s take her under and see what happens.

The first part of her session starts with the balloon test, the swinging watch and a whole lot of flickering eyelids. In other words, Jen could not stop her hands from rising and then when down like a rock.




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