Final fun and a whole lot of sleepy time

In this final segment of her session, Mia goes back and forth between remembering the session and absolutely not remembering a thing but no matter what, she certainly still responds to all the post hypnotic triggers particularly the sleep triggers which make her pass out like a light. Mia tells us what a great time she had and in the middle of her talking, she suddenly drops like a rock. Out and in lala land, my sexy toy has no clue as to what I am doing with her. After having had some fun with her limp body and eyelids, I decide to wake her up, this time though thinking that all the post hypnotic suggestions have been removed but as soon as she mentions her name, she goes back to sleep. Next comes the part where all she wants to do, is give me a blow job. Of course she does not really know why that is but then again, who cares. Lot more sleep fun, unexpected turns and twists as well as lots of passing out “sleepy action” with eye checks.

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