Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Five

I am your trained doll

Highlights : mindless mannequin posing, slow and monotone repetition of mantras, blank unblinking stares, intense (breath controlled) orgasms, Doll play (I pose her like a doll) kneeling masturbation, ragdoll/ limp play, yes masters, zombie/sleepwalker pose and so much more.

The description might sound familiar but it sure is a different kind of segment. Mia is so deeply under that, at this point, I could do pretty much anything I want with her. I can feel that when I suggest that she is a trained doll, her thinking stops completely and she just exists with no will or mind of her own. Towards the end, she loses all muscle control again (wide open eyed stares) while being made to feel fucked to orgasm and then put to sleep by the

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