Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Six

This is my City

Another director’s choice.

From Superheroine to bimbo and back to Superheroine and back to….

Mia, who seriously believes to be a Superheroine, bust into my hypnosis show to put an end to my evil doings, like my entrancing of young women and to them have them make money for me. It is a long story but you will see what she is trying to make me stop. Anyway, she does not believe that I can entrance her and she keeps going on and on about how I am nothing compared to her. Well let’s see about that honey. Sure enough, in the midst of making fun of me, she slows down and sinks deeper and deeper with every word I say.

Her transformation is really incredible. Mia goes so deep that she does not even feel me messing with her body, check her pussy and expose her goodies. The fun begins when she wakes up. Mia is programmed that the word Bimbo instantaneously removes her IQ and turns her into a horny, willing and pretty dumb bimbo. Of course we have to switch her back and forth for more fun. Like to see an open wet pussy, a smart girl turn dumb and horny and….

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  • Eamon 4 weeks ago

    Hey, I have a question, are you willing to put actual hypnosis shows on your other site? For example like Mark Yuzik? Thx

    • Fetishman 4 weeks ago

      Hey there, Which other site do you mean? we got a lot

      • Eamon 4 weeks ago

        I’m sorry, can you give the lists of your other sites? 😅

        • Fetishman 4 weeks ago

          It’s a long list :), Most of them are cam related sites like this one cambizz , If you are interested in mind control stuffs you can find some related content on these websites godfatherporn and clips4free