HypnoLust - Natalie Monroe Clip 13

I am nothing but an object

We should not be doing this

Natalie, my girlfriends beautiful roommate, has now been reduced to being a mindless (quite zombie like) slow thinking and zoned out shell of herself which is orgasmed on command, ordered to caress and pinch her nipples while turning in circles. Of course that is by far not all that is happening to her while she is being tamed and trained. Turned into a mindless puppet on strings her sexy body is moved and pulled as if by magic. At some point, we even let her become of her helpless situation. Fully aware yet stuck in her puppet body, she learns that she is under my control and despite her disbelieve, her body moves without her having any control over it.

Needless to say, the vibrator in her panties (guess who put that there) eventually orgasms her under protest. Still, that is all just warm up. Next she is rendered mindless again and then posed and displayed. Want more? Enjoy watching her being frozen stiff and orgasmed again by the “magic Wand” before send back into mindless obedience. Poor thing even has to admit that she actually enjoys all of this which….. Too much too list and lots of fun

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  • Tophforsaken 4 years ago

    a lot of these videos are unable to be loaded. say “ took too long to respond.”

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      sorry man, we know about that, issue is not our side, videomega shutdown their servers