Hypnolust – Stephanie’s Clip I

To follow and obey makes you feel good…

I think it is the perfect mixture of shyness, natural promiscuity and the need to please that makes her so irresistible. The poor girl was even more nervous than most of the girls who come to see me. Not only was it her first session but it was also her début on camera. Stephanie was even worried about her accent which I think makes her even sexier. Well, it certainly was not my easiest session but very well worth it. As I always say “calm waters go deep” and that would certainly describe Stephanie.

I noticed when I did the “locked hands” to start off the relaxation part of our session, that Stephanie was quite suggestible and the swinging crystal certainly did the trick to get her to where I needed her to be. Some open eyed deepening and mantras towards the end.

We do not do this very often but friends of ours had offered us to film a few sessions at their house and although it makes for quite a challenge when it comes to lighting, camera angles and so on but it also makes for a nice change from the usual back ground.




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