Kendra James – The New Pleasure Bot

Welcome to SynthCorp! Thank you for choosing our latest robot adult companion. You’ll find our quality and service is impeccable and we offer many options the competitors don’t deliver. Our new companion series can do anything from house work to yard work to cooking and even comes with an 18 and over option. Would you like to put her in girlfriend mode? Simply activate the adults only function and use your robot companion to fulfill all of your sexual desires! She has an oral stimulation mode, masturbation mode and sex mode. While in the adults only function she can also simulate human emotion to make things more pleasurable and life like for you! Watch the demonstration, test a companion for 30 days risk free and if you’re not fully satisfied with your model or the erotic response features simply return or upgrade her!Disclaimer: some adult companion robots have been known to malfunction. If a malfunction should occur it is important to follow all reboot instructions. If automatic system reboot fails do not try to over ride or manually reboot yourself. Take your companion to the closest SynthCorp station and have one of our knowledgeable technicians fix her. Enjoy!

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