Two lovely ladies dressed for the club are outside your door. They ask if they can use your phone since their car broke down & their phones are . You see a good opp here & have your magic crystal on hand to swing in front of their faces & they’re trying hard to resist it but they fall into the trance. Both fall to their knees & bow to you, calling you master from now on. You tell them to come in & clean your kitchen. They do dishes & wipe for a few mins until you tell them to come have a seat in your living room & instruct them to jerk off your cock until you cum. They use both sets of hands to stroke it until you cum on them. It’s from your POV only so no cocks are shown. You instruct them to follow you so they zombie walk through the kitchen again & then into the closet where they both stand facing eachother, motionless & silent, like complete zombies until your next command. You close the closet door & will use them again later.

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