Amateurfetishvideos – Renee The Robot

Starring Renee

Without her knowledge, Renee has been programmed by her boss to perform by remote control. We arrive to find Renee frozen in mid-action. When her boss returns from his meeting, he clicks the remote to let Renee perform normally. After the boss reveals his little secret to Renee – she tries to leave only to have her boss push the remote control again to take over her movements. He then plays a little game with her by freezing her and unfreezing her and making her perform like a robot. He has her do sexy poses, walk from slow to fast in robotic fashion and also touch herself. All the while Renee is protesting and threatening to quit – the boss freezes her mouth. Using the remote control to really show Renee what he can have her do, he programs her to freeze while he teases her with a vibrator – Renee the Robot really enjoys this! After he’s had his fun, her boss leaves Renee frozen in time.

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