Ludella Hahn - Draining The Bitchy Nerds Brain

Ludella Hahn – Draining The Bitchy Nerds Brain

Ludella is a bitchy nerd who thinks highly of herself and her intelligence, so when Sarah comes over making small-talk about how stupid it is to have an exam on Friday, Ludella takes the opportunity to rub it in her face that school separates the smart ones from the idiots. After insulting Sarah, she leaves. Sarah glares at her. “Why is she so mean?” She pulls out a secret book hidden in another book in her desk. It’s called “The Art of Draining” and is all about “braining” (draining one’s brain). She found it in the restricted section of the library and has decided to use the techniques to steal Ludella’s brain. She’ll leave her a brainless vegetable while she takes all her smarts and brain power. She calls Ludella over. “You’re a stupid bitch, and when I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing but another dumb bitch.” Ludella is offended, but Sarah quickly puts her fingers on Ludella’s temples and begins the draining process. “Wha…feel…emptying…uh…” Ludella is speaking in incomplete sentences which turns to more nonsense and soon nothing but small moans as Sarah feels the power of stealing Ludella’s brain. “More! More power! I need more!” Sarah sits Ludella down at the desk with her BIG TITS sitting on the desk, and continues to steal all her intellect. Ludella’s eyes roll around and flutter while her brain is being removed. Sarah steals Ludella’s brain completely and when she’s finished the long eyerolling process, Ludella just sits wide-eyed, mouth ajar, silent. Sarah then plays with Ludella’s big tits while Ludella stares ahead, cross-eyed and drooling. Ludella is no longer a smart nerd. She’s now a braindead dol with big titsl. Her head is completely empty. Sarah has absorbed it all.


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