Ludella Hahn – Student’s Stiffy: Teacher Made Into Frozen Doll

Ms. Hahn is a prude, and a bitchy one at that, so one night POV breaks into the school to get his revenge on her. She’ll learn a lesson about keeping her mouth shut and letting him do what he wants because he has the ability to transform her into a frozen doll with the snap of his fingers. He creeps up behind her while she’s erasing the board and she turns in surprise, “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. It’s late and no one else is in the school but me, so you need to get out. NOW!” She points to the door angrily. SNAP. Now she can’t say a word.

POV plays with his new teacher toy, posing her in silly poses, manipulating her limbs and her face. He removes her glasses and lets down her hair. He slowly strips her out of her clothes and high heels, and once he has her topless (and has groped her big tits), he decides to snap her awake so she can fret in humiliation and embarrassment when she discovers she’s exposed herself to a student. SNAP. Blink. Gasp. Ms. Hahn quickly covers her breasts. “What do you think you’re doing?” She panics…completely helpless and humiliated–just as he wants her. SNAP. Frozen again.

POV uncovers the breasts she’s hidden and poses her to hold them up, like she’s presenting them to him. He plays with them and continues to strip her down, removing her skirt to reveal her curvy ass and legs. He pushes her onto her hands and knees, spanking her big ass and posing her in a doggystyle. Then he bends her over her desk with her big ass out and pulls down her thong so that she’s completely naked. He writes on the chalkboard “Ms Hahn is open for business,” with a big arrow pointing her way. But before she’s open to anyone else…he’s going to have his way with her. Freezer’s keepers…

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