Ludella Hahns – Create-A-Date: Defective Unit Robot Malfunction

POV orders a fembot through his hotel’s “create-a-date” service and she is delivered to his door. He rolls her in and inspects her before taking her remote and starting her up. She tells him she is designed to his specifications and that she will now demonstrate her personality options in demo mode for his selection. Option 1 is the sweet Stepford Wife personality–someone you can take home to mom. Her voice and mannerisms are very sweet and proper. Option 2 is the Bimbo Profile. Giddy and bubbly and ready to obey. This profile is a little more “loose” and less proper. She lifts her dress and shows off her big butt. Option 3 is the Dominatrix Profile for the customer who wants to be on bottom.

She exits demo mode. “These are my personality options. To download additional personality profiles, please select 4.” POV selects 2…the bimbo. “You’ve selected option 2: bimbo profile. Now, would you prefer remote command or voice command? Press 1 for remote command, Press 2 for voice command. You’ve selected voice command. Downloading user preferences now. Rebooting with system preferences…” She restarts and enters human mode with the bimbo profile.

POV has her show off her body for him, strip off her dress, and dance around, showing off her sexy curves. But when POV begins to grope her big tits, a glitch occurs, exiting her out of her bimbo profile. Suddenly she seems confused and doesn’t understand where she is. POV tells her to remove her bra. “I will not remove my—I will remove my bra. I will–I will remove my bra.” Her eyes go blank and she has seemed to go to system default; her movement and voice mechanical again, but her circuits fizzle out and she goes limp.

POV inspects her. He’s frozen like a doll with wide blank eyes. He attempts a reboot with her remote. She restarts, but soon her circuits go awry again and she falls to the couch, moving sharply and mechanically before her body convulses and her head falls limp with eyes blank. Her limbs are still frozen stiff. POV gives up on this unit and loads her back onto the rolling dolly to put out for housekeeping. He calls for a replacement.

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