Ludella Hahn is POVs bitchy coworker who acts rudely and arrogantly to him. She makes POV do all her work for her so she can just play on her phone with her legs kicked up on her desk. She treats him like scum. When POV comes up to Ludella, who is texting on her phone at her desk, she doesn’t even look up to see him. “Hey loser. Did you finish my work for me?” He says no, which pisses her off. “What do you mean you didn’t do it? Go finish it.” POV refuses. This really makes Ludella angry. She takes her pantyhose legs off her desk and leans in to show how serious she is now. Ludella threatens to blackmail POV with sexual harassment to get him fired. She’s entirely manipulative and he just can’t take it anymore. That’s when he decides to pull out his phone, with with an entrancing app on it. “What’s that? Oh? You want me to look at a silly look app you made? Oh…look at this pretty little swirl I made!” Ludella says mockingly. She continues to taunt him and make fun of him, but he keeps holding the phone in front of her face. “Oh, is this supposed to entrance me? If you think your stupid little swirl was going to control me then you’re more stupid than I thought you were.” POV remains persistent, and holds phone with entrancing app in front of Ludellas face. Ludella again taunts him, and humors him, saying she will prove how sad and pathetic he is. She finds her eyes keep being drawn to the app, and she slowly begins to become more and more entranced. Eventually, Ludella becomes completely mesmerized by the app, her face falling forward with her eyes peeking over her glasses wide eyed, staring deeper and deeper into the spiral. ” Yes Master. I must do everything you command. When you snap your fingers, I will awaken and completely obey you.” POV snaps fingers. Ludella awakens, thinking that the app did not work at all. She begins to mock POV, but then POV snaps fingers again and Ludella’s eyes have red swirls in them. She is now under his control; she just doesn’t realize it yet. For all her years of controlling and humiliating him, he is really going to have some fun controlling her. First he has just her body obey him. The entrire time she’s doing a sexy striptease for him, she’s still taunting him and making fun of him for being such a loser. She has no idea that she’s stripping completely naked until he snaps his fingers again to break her out of the trance. The swirls leave her eyes and she looks confused. Then she looks down to realize shes naked, and embarrassingly and humiliatingly attempts to cover up her naked body with the items on her desk, like her papers and stapler. Nothing is doing a great job at hiding her privates though and she ends up being entirely embarrassed. Ludella scolds POV, demanding to tell her what he’s done and what’s happening, but POV snaps his fingers again, putting Ludella back in the trance. He has her do several sexy poses. Part of her is still aware and trying to fight it, but not able to do so, but soon she’s mentally powerless and unaware. “Yes, Master.” She continues posing sexily with a wide-eyed blank stare. POV wakes her in a couple of humiliating poses. Each time she awakes in a humiliating pose, she’s at first embarrassed and confused, and then goes to scold him, but he snaps her right back into the trance before she can finish a sentence. He takes photos of her in various embarrassing poses with his phone. Next, he has Ludella make silly faces, including crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue. POV takes more pictures for his records. POV snaps Ludella out of the trance at various times during these embarrassing poses and silly faces, just so she can feel powerless and confused about what she’s being made to do. Next he has her do a booty shaking dance. When Ludella is bent over her desk shaking her big butt, he snaps her out of the trance. “I demand you stop this at once!” SNAP. POV has more fun with Ludella, making her do extra humiliating things like act like a chicken (waking her up mid-clucking in embarrassment, then snapping her back. Then he has her crawl around, bark, pant, and act like a , wagging her butt and chasing her tail. Again, waking her in the middle of panting with her tongue sticking out, then snapping her back into it. Then, he has her act like a monkey. She even swings around from a beam. When she’s snapped out, she is furious. “I am not your dancing mon–” SNAP. Back to monkeying around. Then he has her hop around like a frog saying “ribbit.” POV snaps Ludella out of the trance, and she continues a few more hops before realizing what she’s doing. Ludella shakes it off, completely furious at being made to do so many humiliating things. “You’ll never get away with this. I’ll get you FIRED!” SNAP. Ludella’s eyes turn red with spirals once more, “Yes, Master. I will assume the position.” She climbs onto her desk in a doggy style position, obediently, with her ass high in the air. When POV snaps his fingers, Ludella awakens to find herself unable to move. She’s FROZEN in that embarrassing position. “Why can’t I move? I can’t move my body!” Ludella suddenly feel completely exposed and vulnerable. She realizes that there’s nothing she can do to stop him. She is entirely in his control. Instead of threatening POV, she has changed her tune to begging and pleading. She offers to do his work if he’ll just let her go. She pouts and gives him sad puppy eyes, but POV is not giving into her. POV touches her curvaceous body. She can’t escape; the fear sets in. She’s entirely under his control. If he says bark, she barks. In spite of her begging, he tells her he’s going to leave her there until everyone in the office has a chance to see her like that. “No! Please, not like this…like some sex object on my desk…please!” Not only has he trained this bitch to bark…but now he has her BEGGING

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