ludella hahn – Brainwashing the Gym Bitch

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Ludella has late night private use of the area gym that she has specially paid for, which she makes good use of, working her legs and butt on various machines...until POV arrives, much to her cha...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip One)

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Alexa is put in trance, and undressed

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Nerd Squad 2

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Koa is a computer specialist from the "Nerd Squad". She has been sent by Makenna to Mr. Baxter's house to fix his laptop, but little does she know that he has set a trap to ensare and convert the...

Primal’s Savage Tales – Enslaved by the Evil Alchemist (Alix Lynx, Lynn Vega)

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The evil Alchemist has been using his potions to reek havoc. Lethal Lynn has gotten the upper hand on him in his lair, but he uses his petrifying powder to freeze her in her tracks. He poses and gr...

Robo-Pimp – Luna Vera Controlled Pt 2

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This clip includes the following scenes: Yes Master In this short clip, we start off with LunaVera in her program state, as I intensely program her to respond to the word PLEASE with the phras...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Babysitter 2 – Terra

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Billy decides to pay his childhood babysitter, Terra, an unexpected visit; just to see how she's doing. A few years have passed since Terra used to babysit Billy, but she hasn't forgotten one...

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Daisy Summers – New Dental Assistant

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Daisy is interviewing to be an assistant and receptionist at a very respected Dentists office. He insists she get a check up as she will be representing his practice. The Doctor (as he likes to b...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Robot Movie

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Fixer upper Frank runs a scrap facility that breaks down old robots and strips their parts for use in repair shops and resale facilities. He comes in to check on the latest arrival who was left ...

Ludella Hahn – Jokesters new Trick Brainwashed Batgirl

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Babs Gordon is to play the bait in The Jokester's new scheme to draw Commissioner Gordon. He breaks into her apartment while she's sleeping and puts his hand over her mouth to keep her hushed. Ba...

Entrancement UK – Natalia Forrest 2

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second shoot with the gorgeous Natalia Forrest. This shoot's pretty damn naughty compared to my usual videos. Natalia takes a while to get started with her training, but once I tell her that she'...

Robot and Limp Videos – Dava Foxx – Limp Star Gone Wrong

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practicing for a acting class. I have to pretend to pass out Dava says to her friend. What are you doing? He asks confused as she rags herself and in his arms. He holds her limp body, lifting her...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Girlfriend Reprogrammed

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Alex is a good girlfriend, but her boyfriend still would like a little insurance. She comes home from work one evening to find a video prepared for her. She sits down in front of the comput...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Clip 14

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Happy ending? In this last segment of Natalie's, let's call it journey, we get to enjoy watching her going from being upset to laughing her ass off for no apparent reason. Looks like our little ...

Primals FANTASIES – Bridgette B – Bitch Boss Revenge

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My boss, Ms. B, is a total bitch. Now it is time to put her in her place... Category: FEMALE TRAINING Related Categories: WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, SLUT TRAINING, OFFICE DOMINATION, BOSS / EMPLO...

RoboPimp – Red Orgasms – Vanessa Sofa

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Erotictransformation – H Project 8 The Supreme Commander Of W.U.A.H.S Part 2

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The Supreme Commander is back from the "dead" and she wants to finish off Steve. Nikky Thorne returns as the Supreme Commander, and dig those panty hose. This is an awesome video From erotic tran...

The Velvet Dungeon – Limp Nymphomaniac – Danica Mesmerized

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I start by suggesting when I tell her she is heavy she will feel herself pushed down and stuck in place by a powerful force. I wake her and make her feel so heavy she can't anything but her f...

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lily & Alisa’s Hypnosis Session

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This clip is 1 hour and 29 minutes, of which it does NOT contain any nudity. This is Alisa's first training session. She has never been trained before, but was curious and open-minded abou...

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