Povtranz4mation – Slaveus Corpus – Ava Dalush

After five long years in prison, POVSteve™ is finally free. But there is still one bit of business he needs to
take care of before heading for Slovakia and the loving arms of his prison penpal fianceé. He must take
his final revenge on the prosecuting attorney who sent him away.

He zaps her with an MC pistol he made in the prison workshop, then induces her to be his obedient sex slave.

She starts by enthusiastically sucking on his criminal cock.

Then he snaps his fingers and she is once again entranced, crawling on her hands and knees to the
judge’s bench, where she shows off her sexy pantyhose.

He plays with them. She plays with them. She plays with herself.

Until he commands her to roll over on her back, so he can bang her with his gavel.

Revenge is a dish best served hot, as in a hot pussy.

Penthouse Pet Ava Dalush is amazing, transforming from zombie to fervent love slave at the snap of a finger.
And she’s British, so English is her native tongue. (Huzzah!)

Running Time: 41 minutes plus BTS and outtakes

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