Starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon
Nosy investigative reporter Nina Neon is trying to bust a nefarious creep who has been entrancing hotties and selling them into slavery. Sulty tart Mary Jane arrives at a modeling audition wearing a tiny red bikini. The interviewer puts her in a trance by holding a blinking light in front of her face. He programs her to be his slave and orders her to strip naked and do a very sensuous and erotic dance. Afterwards, he sends her to her new home, his bedroom! Reporter Nina breaks into the creeps house looking for clues. Her camera man finds the mesmerizing light and uses it to entrance her. Aha! He is the creep Nina has been after all along! With Nina under his control, he commands her to model in a very sexy manner. He orders her to strut around like a runway fashion model and seductively remove all of her clothing except her nylons and shiny black pumps. The sly bastard commands Nina to pose and dance very slowly, like a porn star. She serpentines her voluptuous body and caresses her succulent tits and juicy ass. Then he makes her put on a sexy dress and pose for his amusement. Then the smug criminal orders Nina into his bedroom to do a naked dance of seduction on his bed. When he tires of this sumptuous spectacle, he makes her dress in a sexy french maid outfit and do her make up and hair. Later, he commands Nina to model and pose like a shamless harlot in her sultry costume. Then he makes her clean his house and serve him a frosty beverage.

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  • Album Q 4 years ago

    Curious, were you able to put back up all the old episodes you can, or are there still more coming? Thanks for answering!

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      there are some more clips from old posts we are trying to upload all of them but its possible some of them be lost, they will be uploaded gradually