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Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed – Stray Kittens (Parts 1-2)

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Mind Under Master - Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed - Stray Kittens (Parts 1-2) Part 1 Ivy Aura is cat sitting for a wealthy man and gets hypnotized into believing she's a cat. She licks/kisses all over ...

Entrancement UK – Kelsey Entranced

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Entrancement UK - Kelsey Entranced Kelsey’s utterly fantastic! When she arrived she was just so cool and confident and sure of herself, that I wasn’t sure that anyone would manage to persuade her to surrender...

Primal Fetish – Violet October – Attitude Adjustment

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Primal Fetish - Violet October - Attitude Adjustment Violet is a disobedient slut of a daughter, and her step dad is tired of it. He creates a device to alter her attitude, making her perfectly obedient and att...

Entrancement UK – Dahlia Entranced Complete

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Entrancement UK - Dahlia Entranced Complete Cracking shoot with an absolutely gorgeous lady! Somewhat softly spoken to begin with, but gets chatty pretty quickly and clearly becomes convinced of anything that I...

Entrancement UK – Amy Allen 2

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Entrancement UK - Amy Allen 2 This is a previously unreleased older shoot from 2008 as opposed to it being a new shoot. (Hence the vintage label.) Amy has a fair few fans though, so we thought you might like to...

TheVelvetDungeon – Sophia Thinks She’s a Pup

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TheVelvetDungeon - Sophia Thinks She's a Pup Sophia Fox has been entranced and thinks she's a pup. Alyssa Reece gets her to play with her and lick her ALL over.

Entrancement UK – Honour Entranced 5

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Honour became my frozen doll for an afternoon… and a confused Mistress… and a playful puppy… and a horny obedient slut… and a TREE! My fifth time working with Honour, and to mix things up, we shot this at her p...

Entrancement UK – Luna, Brook & Sophia Entranced

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This is the original higher resolution (And larger filesize) version. A lower resolution version is also available for your convenience. I'd worked with Sophia once before (See Sophia's Slave Training) an...

Lady Fyre Femdom – Felicity Feline Sex Kitten

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Felicity Feline is in the park enjoying the sunshine & dancing to some of her own drum beats when Laz Fyre sees her & has to make his move. Felicity snootily rejects Laz & walks away, b...

Primal Robo Kink – Kylie’s Full Session

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If you need full length of this video, you can get it just for 2 $. go thorough following link and make a request Click Here PART 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training Put under, Trance,...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Volt Wins

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Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe's shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage. In the spa ...