Tessa Fantasies – The Offer they Couldn’t Refuse. Freezing his Sexy Employees

I finally have chosen. That definitely have to be Kate and Mary on my every week conferences with other directors as my mannequins. Sure thing they have to be only in lingerie. But I doubt that they will agree… for some reason woman don’t want to be manneuqins! Ok, let’s check it…

And I was right! Both of them tried to refuse and of course they didn’t believe that I can freeze them. So I’ve started with Kate so Mary can be sure that I’m not joking. She just couldn’t believe her eyes: Kate was totally frozen and didn’t move at all… In a while they both understood my power of controling them but still refused to be mannequins by their own will. Even though it’s much easier work and I’ve offered them triple wages! Ok, but first I had to check their bodies, cause they have to be only in lingerie on my meetings… Oh, wow… Mary had very hot red lingerie and her body was well sahped and so sporty! I liked that abs and strong muscles… after I went to Kate and she also had a very mice surprise: she had very beautiful skin and trully impressive breasts! Her legs and ass was amazing as well. And those glasses… She with Mary were ideal choice for my idea! Sure thing I’ve freezed and unfreezed them few times during all the time, but they still were angry and didn’t want to take part in my idea and help me.
Well, I guess I need to check how they will look like in my conference hall. Let’s move them there! Carefully, one by one, like this…

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