The Velvet Dungeon – Cindi – Yes Master

Cindi is back and is beautiful as ever.

She starts by mentioning her panties were missing after her last session, and that she feels weirdly aroused after being hypnotized and is suspicious about that.

I give her the garter I’ve been using to hypnotically program her to be my slave. She is fascinated by it and puts it on right away. I order her to raise her hand. I make her flash me. Since she can’t remember the last time her body was under my control she is surprised to find out she can’t help but follow my instructions.

I then put her in a trance. I tell her that from now on when she is wearing the garter she will not only follow my commands she will also say “Yes Master” when she does so. It will make her feel a lot of pleasure and she will crave being hypnotized and being under my power.

I awake her and start giving her orders. She keeps saying “Yes, Master” and getting more turned on. I strip her one piece at a time as she gets more and more turned on.

When she is completely naked, I guide her to a dildo I hid in the couch. I order her to start fucking herself with it. She can’t resist my command and she can’t help but enjoy it. Soon she is begging me to let her have an orgasm. Which I do.

Then I have her dress and return the garter. And once again she can’t remember anything about her sexy enslavement.

Cindi shows again why she is one of my favorite subjects.

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