The Velvet Dungeon – Robot Mistress – Sophia and Alyssa

Sexy Sophia Fox and Gorgeous Alyssa Reece are here for another exciting duo session. I can’t wait to work with these two together again.

This session was at Sophia’s request. She has been wanting to feel more dominant and powerful so I am going to help her with that. I give her a suggestion to feel more powerful and dominant when she wears a pearl necklace I have for her. Also to make her feel powerful I give Alyssa a suggestion that will cause her to feel intense, orgasmic pleasure whenever Sophia touches her.

I then awake them, and give Sophia her pearls. She puts them on and confidence starts to take her over. Then I have her touch Alyssa to see the power I have given her in action. Alyssa’s body instantly writhes in pleasure and in no time she has a powerful orgasm. Sophia plays with Alyssa some more enjoying her new feelings of power and confidence. Poor Alyssa gets tortured with pure pleasure.

After Sophia has had some fun I put Alyssa back into a trance and give her a new suggestion: to switch in and out of a mindless robot state whenever Sophia snaps her fingers.

When I awake Alyssa she can’t remember anything. Sophia snaps her fingers and Alyssa becomes her robot slave. At first Sophia has some innocent fun with her new toy, posing Alyssa and making her do silly things. The she has her start removing some of her clothing. And makes her kiss her shoe. Her new dominant personality is giving Sophia some naughty ideas.

Finally Sophia is so turned on she strips naked and sits on the robot Alyssa’s face, the orders her to make her come.

Sophia really enjoyed being robot Alyssa’s Mistress!

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