Gorgeous young newcomer Ally is here for her first hypnosis session. I’m sure it will be a memorable one.

It is a little difficult getting her into a hypnotic trance at first but soon she is under. The first suggestion I give her is to feel turned on when I ring my bell. I also program her to fall back into a hypnotic trance after having an orgasm. Then I wake her up.

She feels fine at first, then I ring my bell. It doesn’t take long and you can see it start to affect her. You can she’s confused by what she’s feeling. She squirms and wriggles and tries to resist but every time I ring the bell her feelings get more intense. She has a powerful orgasm and feels into a deep hypnotic trance.

While she’s in a trance this time I give her some suggestions to make things more interesting. The bell now will make her remove an article of clothing every time I ring it. I’m also not done watching her have orgasms, I have a special gold chain just for her and I program her mind to feel ecstasy building into an intense orgasm, and a deep hypnotic trance, when she puts it on.

I wake her up. She seems a little confused. I ring my bell and off comes a shoe. Then the next shoe. You can see her mind resist when I get down to her bra but she cannot control herself and off it comes. One more ring and I have her completely naked. Then I give her the necklace. Soon it’s effects take hold and her beautiful naked body is writhing with hypnotic pleasure all the way to another intense orgasm.

She falls back into a trance and I install in her a powerful longing to return and wear her orgasm collar again.

You are really going to love my sexy new subject.

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