TheVelvetDungeon - Ally - Orgasm Slave Addiction Part 4

TheVelvetDungeon – Ally – Orgasm Slave Addiction Part 4

“Sexy Ally is in the Dungeon once again. This time she is absolutely itching to wear her hypnotic slave collar. She can barely contain herself and insists I let her wear it. I make her ask me nicely, then I give it to her.

Relief washes over her as soon as she puts it on. But soon it’s orgasmic effects take hold of her. She can’t make up her mind whether to fight or give in as the powerful feelings grow inside her. Soon she cannot resist and she comes, then falls into a hypnotic trance.

I use this trance to intensify the programming I’ve been giving her. I reinforce the collar’s powerful hold over her subconscious and strengthen it. I remind her that she is powerless to resist it’s effect on her. That while wearing it she has to obey my every command, and will make her incredibly aroused and sensitive to any sexual sensations. And any orgasm she has will put her back into a deep hypnotic trance.

Then I awake her and play with her. I show her that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot resist following my orders. I make her raise one hand, then the other. She giggles uncomfortably as her body moves outside of her control.

I make her remove her clothing, one piece at a time. And her shoes. All the while she cannot fight my commands. I make her say “I’ll do anything you ask me to, Master.” She blurts it out, unable to restrain herself.

When I have her completely naked I command her to touch herself. She is very confused as she cannot resist my commands but also finds touching herself intensely pleasurable. At my command I have her finger and stroke her pussy as it swells with pleasure. Her excitement builds until she has a powerful orgasm and the slides back into a trance.

I work on her programming some more, and I add that, while wearing the collar, she will be compelled to say “Yes, Master” to any of my commands. Then I awake her.

She is naked and confused but feels great. She gets dressed, then, when I order her to, reluctantly returns her hypnotic collar.

I don’t think she’ll be able to stay away for very long this time.”

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