TheVelvetDungeon - Alyssa and Sophia - Robot Sex Toys
It was so much fun turning Alyssa and Sophia into robots I had to do it again. This time, though I wanted to make it even hotter.

For this session I decided to let them take turns controlling each other.

When they awake from their trance, Sophia is a mindless robot ready to do anything Alyssa commands, replying with an obedient “Yes Mistress”. However, I set a 10 minute timer and when it goes off, Alyssa will be instantly transformed into a robot and Sophia will be back to normal.

As soon as Alyssa realizes Sophia is under her power she immediately decides to take advantage of the situation and use her as her own personal robot sex toy, commanding her to please her in a variety of way.

When their roles are reversed Sophia decides to take advantage of Alyssa in a very similar fashion.

Lots of great robot on girl robot action in this one!

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