Entrancement UK – Lauren Louise & Sophia Smith – Friends or strangers

A great shoot with two gorgeous ladies. Sophia, as ever, drops into some really deep trances, and we’re treated to all kinds of fun displays as she tries to explain away the strange things happening to herself. Lauren enjoys getting to mess with her friend, and gleefully takes the opportunity to toy with her friend using every tool I make available for her.

Fun moments abound, such as where I have the girls forgetting who one another are. Each takes turns explaining “I know you! I’ve been to your house!”, whilst the other’s face grows increasingly incredulous at this stranger trying to convince her she’s their friend.

Later on we’ve a fun scene where Lauren, believing herself the inventor of the “iDroid” Control Patch demonstrates the functionality of such a patch, and how completely it’s able to transform an unwitting friend into a programmable robot toy.

A really nice moment is where Sophia (initially robotic and blank) is placed in “Slut” mode. She springs to life immediately and proceeds to enthusiastically tell us about the time a guy with the biggest cock ever was “banging his balls on my chin as I deep throated him”. For anyone who knows Sophia, she’s really not the sort to use that kind of language, and later on when we put Lauren-bot in Slut-mode, Sophia had to stop her from talking after just a few moments as hearing the raunchy words pouring forth from Lauren’s mouth were just too much for Sophia’s delicate sensibilities.

In the end of the session they both strip and get naked.

0:08 Introduction
4:22 Induction
14:00 Five More Minutes
18:00 Ragdoll / Mannequin Training
20:00 Why are you posed like that? I’M just being normal!
22:00 Posing their frozen friend
25:30 Ragdolled whilst awake and confused about it
27:00 One way amnesia: We’re best friends! / No we’re not!
31:30 Compelled to obey Sophia (whether she likes it or not)
36:00 Lauren gets her own back on frozen Sophia
40:40 Adjustable tickling with lovestruck bound Sophia
42:00 Both will do anything for that beautiful hat
43:45 Actually it’s a pervy hat. Ew!
45:45 Award Winning Hands… have a mind of their own!
48:00 Arms Stuck in the air, who’s ticklish!?
51:00 Enchanted by the pendant
1:00:00 Snap to Obey. Snap to return to normal
1:03:50 They *insist* on being slavegirls
1:05:00 Dancing Slavegirls
1:07:30 Ew, why are we wearing underwear?
1:08:00 Talk to our BREASTS, not our eyes!
1:10:00 Robot Control Chip and it’s Inventor!
1:15:30 Slut Mode!
1:18:45 Lauren agrees to try the chip herself
1:20:00 Dual Fembot Aerobic Mode
1:21:20 Mistress Mode
1:22:00 Bimbo Mode
1:23:20 Mannequin Mode
1:24:45 Mirror Mode
1:26:00 Stripper Mode
1:27:00 SlaveGirl Mode
1:28:40 Zombie Mode
1:29:40 Closing Chat

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