Ffproductions – Lily’s Eighth Session

Lily’s Eighth Session


full training

belives she smells a flower that makes her feel subservient

eyes rolling as she’s obedient

very entranced voice

frozen briefly

made to stand up and dance and spin

made to be happy to serve as she dances

responds in a dreamy voice

frozen again while dancing

made to bow and praise the ‘fairy king’

crawls over

eye rolls

arms made to be above her head, eyes rolling, frozen

made to love dancing for her master, dances like a ballerina and frozen throughout

made to be a robot, responding to me in her enchanted voice

bent over at rest several times

walking like a doll, stiffly, with a smile on her face

says she enjoys under control walking in place as a doll

made to smell enchanted flowers that control her

made into a puppy, rolls around and fetches

eye rolls throughout

made into a kitty up close, frozen kitty, pounces on prey

eye rolls as a kitty, tongue out

frozen while stretching as a kitty

is a kitty while standing up and knocking stuff around

bent over at rest

turned into a cleaning robot

bent over on all fours, eye rolling

magnetic hands and feet play

little chat at the end

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