Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Fourteen)

This all does not work

Gracie believes that our session has just started and that the only reason she is here, is because of a bet between her and her girlfriend, who has told her about the session and that she wants to prove that it will not work on her. The idea that people can be under post hypnotic suggestions which eventually can make them do things they normally would not do, seems way too far fetched. I wonder why she gets up at some point, slowly turns around, flashes her ass and pulls her butt cheeks apart or why she all of a sudden thinks that I am incredibly handsome or why she orgasms while exposing her pussy and tits or even better why she keeps talking about her cute feet while she is massaging them and why she can not stop playing with her breasts? Too many questions to answer! What makes the whole thing even more confusing is the fact that she does not seem to realize what is going on. Looks like she is not a good candidate for what I do and she might be better off in lala land. The sleep command drops her like a rock. Time again to play with her limp body, run my hands over her long neck and do some eye checks…

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