Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Two)

I am under your control, I have no choice

I could feel that Gracie had gone deep during the induction and I had already started to make her feel aroused. Now it is time to find out how she reacts to force and the idea of being at my disposal. Gracie’s sexy young hard body starts to lustfully move under my suggestions. I make her body feel helplessly immobilized and unable to get up. Her arms and hands are forcefully pulled behind her head and she feels the deep hard penetration of someone she is unable to see.

Gracie’s breathing becomes deeper and more forceful with every word I say. It gets more intense, her body goes into lustful convulsions, she starts to scream and I can see her getting hot. Remember, the first orgasm often sets the stage for the rest of the session. Helplessly fucked and used, Gracie has no choice but to submit. I can feel that she is ready for the take over. Not allowed to come, Gracie is going crazy for lust and that is exactly what makes her give up. The need and desire to orgasm makes her beg and scream. I have no control.

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