Anton Video – Stripnotized 17

Starring Alicia Alighatti, Promise, Tiffany Taylor, Isabella Blue, Mary Jane Green, Sarah Blake, Gina
A collection of outrageous scenes!

It is finals week and college student Alicia is in need of some energy. Professor Steele offers up his new energy supplement. Unbeknownst to her, his energy supplement is really a trance-inducing formula. He puts a suggestion in her mind so that she will become hot and horny every time a country is mentioned at her upcoming study group. At the first mention of a country, Alicia immediately gets excited and, to the delight of her study mates, she begins to fondle herself, removing all clothing in her way. The boys quickly figure out the trick to the erotic outbursts and with the begging and pleading of Alicia, they soon join in on the festivities, spanking her ass, sucking and squeezing her breasts. Insatiable, Alicia continues to plead for more.

Promise is enjoying a romantic movie with her platonic friend Robbie. But Robbie is looking for a lot more than friendship with the gorgeous vixen. After spurning his attempts at romance, Promise is put in a trance and made to believe that she loves Robbie. As Robbie plays hard to get, Promise tries harder and harder to convince him they should be together. She strips, begging him to look at her lucious body, imploring him to suck on her tits, spank her ass and do whatever he wants to her every night. Robbie is happy to comply…he has plenty of fun with the mesmerized hussy and then leaves her begging for more.

Tender young hottie Gina can not get pregnant. She and her hubby go to see a fertility specialist who uses a new trance fertility method that proves to have some wild side effects. The doctor uses a mind control egg to put Gina in a trance. When her man does not believe it’s working, the doctor proves it by controlling Gina and making her strip, exposing all her lovely assets. He then proceeds to play with and suck on her soft perky tits until he gets bored with that he decides it is time to make her do some jumping jacks and dancing. Hubby is impressed not to mention happy with his new submissive entranced wife, who he uses as a human foot rest while she is on the floor on all fours totally naked.

Isabella and Tiffany are about to go on the popular TV show Girls Gone Fearless, but the dangerous task they are asked to do gives them second thoughts. They are leaving the studio when the underhanded stage manager puts a CD of mesmerizing music on the sound system. The girls are instantly entranced and start to dance very sensuously with each other. As they dance, they caress each others super hot bodies and make out. The stage manager orders them to stop dancing and strip totally naked except for their strappy high-heeled sandals. Then he orders them to get up on the roof and dance naked while he films it for the show. They do a variety of sexy and classic dances before the manager snaps them out of their trance so he can catch their embarrassment and confusion on film.

College teacher Mary Jane Green is being blackmailed by her student, Sarah. Sarah confronts Mary Jane and demands a good grade in exchange for keeping a secret about Miss Green. Miss Green agrees, provided Sarah can name three countries on the globe. As the globe spins around and around, Sarah goes into a trance. Miss Green orders Sarah to behave in a bizarre manner in front of the school dean. Miss Green invites several faculty members in to observe her students strange behavior. Sarah dances around the room, strips naked and offers her pussy to the college chaplain. Miss Green continues to demean her student by fondling and kissing her sweet body and, as a final humiliation, commands Sarah to run naked around the campus courtyard.
70 minutes.

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