Entrancement - Natalia Forrest

Natalia oozes elegance and class. To look at her, you’d think that would mean she’d be a little buttoned down and hesitant to let go and get herself mind-controlled. Pretty much the opposite was true though. We only needed a short trance to have her forgetting her own name and finding herself mentally bound in place, and she was soon jumping with both feet into every suggestion we gave her

Hilarious n sexy highlights for myself include her hypno-drunk section, which had her lisping, bogling on the coach, doing impressions, then trying to say complicated words whilst her tongue refused to co-operate. We also had her showing us her orgasm face, making a thoroughly convincing door to door nudist, and the growing and shrinking bodyparts and brain bit is sexy n funny as hell.

She admitted during one of her trances that she liked the idea of being toyed with, teased, and controlled whilst inwardly she’s helpless to resist, so this shoot focuses a lot on enslavement, and on giving her sexy and embarrassing compulsions then seeing what her reactions are

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